Clerics say about buffer zone: thief could not be protector, guard at same time

Imams and clerics in Deirk have rejected the "buffer zone" that the Turkish occupation seeks to establish it in north and east of Syria, and asserted that the buffer zone is the demand of all peoples conditioned that it must be under international guardianship.

The social and popular reactions against the Turkish occupation state escalate in the establishment of a "buffer zone" under its control in the north and east of Syria.

On this subject, a number of clerics in Deirk talked to ANHA agency.

Imam of the old mosque in Deirk Sheikh Masoum Dirshwe stressed that the buffer zone demand all peoples to live in safety and peace, adding that the most important thing in this life is the security and safety for human being against any attacks.

Imam al-Dirshwe pointed out that the area Turkey wants to establish on the Syrian border "is not aimed at spreading security and stability, because their goal from this region does not seem to be in fact compatible with reality. It is for goals and agendas that it is not tied with the security of the region

He noted "All the demands are related to security and safety. We are ready to extend our hand to everyone who believes in security and peace for the peoples of the region, the alleged area that Turkey wants 32 kilometers deep will become a center of terrorism, terror and theft." He added that the buffer zone, if it is under international protection and guardianship, there is no objection to its establishment to establish security and safety in the region.

In turn, the head of the Religious Committee for Women in Endowments, Deirk Muntaha Bashir Hami, told our agency (ANHA) that the region is going through difficult conditions as a result of Turkish threats to north and east of Syria and that the Islamic religion prohibits attacks on the right of neighbors and interference in their affairs.

"Clerics who supported the Kurdish people and all the peoples of north and east of Syria who were oppressed by the occupiers, secure a buffer zone in north and east of Syria and protect them from mercenary gangs that tamper with the security and safety of the region and its peoples."



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