Clerics: Divine religions' messages in tolerance, peace, fraternity

During the first Democratic Islamic Society's conference which is being held in the town of Rumailan, clerics affirmed that the true essence of Islam lies in accepting the divine creeds and religions that carry one message to societies which is "the message of peace, love, fraternity and tolerance".

On the margin of the conference of the Democratic Islamic Society in North and East Syria – Rojava, which is being held in the town of Rumailan, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) held an interview with the cleric Mohammed Malla Rashid Gharzani, and he talked about the purpose of this conference and its importance in the circumstances that are going in the region such as conflicts and wars.

At the beginning of his speech, Gharzani stressed that the first objective of this conference is to introduce the true, democratic Islam that aims at peace and brotherhood among all the peoples of the earth, in contrast to what has been shown by groups that carried out acts of sabotage, destruction and crimes in the name of Islam and distortion of religion by their actions.

And pointed out, "The real Islam is that strengthens the ties of brotherhood among peoples, and is the charter of Medina, which was considered a system of a nation in its laws among all the components and sects in Medina at that time, including Muslims, Christians, Jews and others."

He said that this conference is the first of its kind in the name of Islam, which is held in light of the wars and destruction witnessed in the region. He said: "Through our conference, we aim to convey our message and clarify the true meaning of Islam, showing that Islam in the right sense means to unite society in all its aspects."

And added, "Our message in the north and east of Syria is a message to the whole world that the peoples of the region represent a moderate Islam that preserves the rights of all peoples, components, creeds and religions by relying on the principle of co-existence, peoples' fraternity and acceptance of all religions and sects without excluding any party and with cooperation."

He concluded by saying: "We have to protect our country and live in love in worldly life, but after death, everyone is responsible for his actions in doomsday."



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