Clashes in eastern countryside of Idlib coinciding with Russian –Turkish raids

​​​​​​​The eastern countryside of Idlib is witnessing violent clashes between the regime and Turkish-backed mercenaries, in conjunction with air strikes carried out by Russian aircraft and Turkish drones.

The Turkish occupation continues the shelling with drones and artillery at the positions of the regime forces in Saraqib and its countryside east of Idlib city, amid missile bombardments carried out by the forces of the regime on Sarmin, Quminas, Nayrab, Avis, al-Mastouma and Benish.

Russian aircraft launched raids after midnight and this morning on the axes of the countryside of Saraqib and Sarmin, in conjunction with clashes between the regime forces and Turkey's mercenaries in ongoing attempts by the regime to control the village with air and ground support.

On Thursday, Russian planes launched more than 81 air strikes, during which they targeted Sarmin, Benish, Avis and other areas in Idlib countryside, and the town of Takad and its surrounding in Aleppo countryside, and the regime's warplanes carried out at least 27 raids yesterday.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 4 soldiers from the Turkish occupation and the injury of 7 others, as a result of artillery shelling by the regime forces targeting their gatherings in Tarnbah and al-Mastouma camp in Idlib countryside.



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