Clashes continue in al-Bagouz

In the meantime, strong clashes are taking place in the village of al-Bagouz between SDF fighters and IS mercenaries, while thick smoke is rising from the village, the mercenaries try to block the progress of the fighters by firing thermal rockets.


The Syrian Democratic Forces fighters continue their advance in al-Bagouz since last night, after the final stage of the "battle to defeat terrorism" was declared to liberate the rest of al-Bagouz village.

In this context, the correspondent of our agency (ANHA) reported that strong clashes are carrying out now in the meantime between the fighters of SDF, and IS mercenaries noting that SDF are advancing.

The correspondent pointed out that thick smoke is now rising from the village, and that according to the commanders of the Syrian Democratic the smoke resulted from an explosion in a warehouse of weapons and ammunition belonging to IS mercenaries.

ANHA correspondent noted that the mercenaries are trying to block the progress of the fighters by firing thermal rockets, stressing that the fighters are taking the necessary measures and continue to progress.



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