Clashes between ISIS mercenaries, SDF in Ain Issa camp

Meanwhile, clashes are taking place between the SDF and ISIS mercenaries in Ain Issa camp, who still do not know where they got their weapons despite their presence in the camp.

Turkey is trying to get ISIS mercenaries out of the camps and prisons to use them to intimidate the world. Attacks by the Turkish occupying power are concentrated on civilians for the purpose of exterminating them, as well as on camps and prisons that include ISIS mercenaries and their families.

In this context, clashes are now taking place between ISIS mercenaries and SDF forces in the Ain Issa refugee camp, which houses thousands of ISIS families.

But it is not yet known how the mercenaries got their weapons, amid talk of a Turkish role in getting weapons to them.

Turkey had previously targeted the camp yesterday and helped more than 750 ISIS families flee with cover from artillery fire after targeting the forces protecting the camp.



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