Clashes among Turkish mercenaries in Afrin claims life of child

Clashes that took place among mercenary groups affiliated with the Turkish occupation in the city of Afrin resulted in the death of a child in Villas Street.

According to a special source from inside the city center of Afrin to our agency's correspondent, clashes broke out between the mercenaries of the so-called Ninth Division and another group of mercenaries in the Villas Street in Afrin city center without knowing their reasons.

The correspondent, according to the source, stated that the three-year-old child, Youssef Othman was killed after being shot in the clashes that took place, when he was accompanied by his father.

The occupied areas by Turkey are witnessing continuous clashes among the mercenary groups, the majority of which are a result of disputes over stolen goods and the seizure of civilian property.


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