​​​​​​​Clans' notables: We draw our strength, determination from Ocalan's leader

2 members of clans' notables in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons reported that the plot against leader Abdullah Ocalan was targeting the rights and freedoms of millions of his supporters.

Ibrahim al-Ali, a member of clans' notables in al- Shahba canton, began his speech by demanding the disclosure of the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who said: "What concerns us, the people of Afrin region as a Kurdish and Arab, is the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is in a prison with a state that supports terrorism and opposes peace."

Al-Ali pointed out that leader Abdullah Ocalan is their strength, and they will remain committed to it: "Leader Ocalan is our strength and determination, and we will proceed on the project of the democratic nation put forward by leader Abdullah Ocalan, because this project is successful, and the best example of this is what we see in northern Syria living in peace among its children, "We will confront Turkey's occupation efforts in Syria with our resistance and struggle."

For his part, a member of the clans' notables in Afrin canton Khalil Rasho denounced the plot that was planned against leader Abdullah Ocalan: "We condemn the plot that was planned against leader Abdullah Ocalan 21 years ago, and the silence of the international authorities concerned about this plot, leader Ocalan has millions of followers how can he be imprisoned and described as a terrorist."

Khalil added that the prison of leader Abdullah Ocalan is a prison for the rights of millions of his supporters: "When the leader is imprisoned and isolated, they imprison the opinion and struggle of millions, leader Ocalan demanded peace and the rights of the people, and we are on the idea of continuing, and we demand peoples' fraternity, we did not occupy the lands of any people, and we did not violate the rights of the people, but the Kurdish people today are without right, without autonomy."

Rasho added "Turkey is attacking us in order to subjugate us, and to undermine our will, and remove the ideology of the democratic nation, but there is no right for the Turkish State to interfere in Syria's internal affairs, there is no interfere with the security of the Turkish State to be able to use military interventions in the Syrian north., and the support of the mercenary factions that are plundering and destroying Syria."

Khalil concluded his speech about violations of the Turkish States "We pledge to resist until we eliminate this threat, and we achieve our freedom with our strength and determination".



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