Clans' Forum showed extent of coexistence, cohesion of Syrians

Members of the Union of Intellectuals in ​​Darbasiya said that the results of the forum were positive, pointing out that it showed the extent of the cohesion and strength of the Syrian people and their belief in the principle of coexistence among all components. Not only this, but also it is a firm message to all parties hostile to the democratic project in North and East Syria.

Under the slogan "Syrian clans protect society and its social contract", the Syrian Clans' Forum was held in the area of ​​Ain Issa on May 3, where more than five thousand personalities of elders and dignitaries from various regions and cities in Syria participated in addition to the presence of a number of intellectuals from Syria, in the forum, the clans' notables emphasized their adherence to the unity of Syrian territory.

Members of the Union of Intellectuals in Darbasiya district of Al-Hasakah canton were among those present at the forum who said that it came out with positive results and proved the unity of the Syrian people.

A member of the Union of Intellectuals Akram Darwish said: " holding of such a meeting in Ain Issa is very important when many countries are trying to divide the Syrian lands, we saw the Syrian people and all its sects have a relationship of one principle concerning the extent to which they maintain the unity of Syrian territory. "

"We see now that the Turkish occupation is building a wall in Afrin and separating it from Syrian territory and annexing it to its territory, but this forum aims to preserve the unity of the Syrian territory, and to expel the occupiers."

 For his part, the administrative in the Union of Intellectuals in Darbasiya district Ahmad Suleiman said "This forum was an umbrella to support the components of Syria to achieve a result that meets the requirements and needs of the Syrian people; they aim to unite the land and they are ready to confront any aggressor trying to spread extremism and confusion among the people of the region."

Suleiman said: "This forum made it clear to the Syrian regime that the northern and eastern Syrian peoples do not want to split the Syrian territory, but we want to live in federal and democratic Syria."

"More than 5,000 elders and dignitaries gathered from different cities and regions in Syria, and the statement issued aimed at the unity of the Syrian territories and their support for Syrian Democratic Forces which fought the largest terrorist organization in the world and spread security and safety, so we believe that the forum was successful in all its standards and the final statement issued proved that." He concluded.



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