Clans' Council: Turkey cannot participate in establishing buffer zone

Representative and elders of the clans in Qamishlo canton refused the participation of the Turkish occupation in the buffer zone because if it did this zone will led to catastrophes and massacres against all the components and the peoples of the region.

The authorities of the AKP seek to establish what so-called the "buffer zone" north of Syria to occupy the area completely.

The elders of Derik area talked to ANHA on this matter and called to establish the buffer zone under the international supervision.

He was Jadi the General Supervisor in Qamishlo canton asserted the refusal of the elders clans establishing the buffer zone under the supervision of the occupying country.

The occupying country cannot participate in the buffer zone

Jadi added, " we as elders' clans during our meetings with the representatives of the Global Coalition refused completely all the proposals on the participation of the Turkish occupation in this area because it is occupying country and could not be a party in the buffer zone."

The "buffer zone" under Turkish supervision will bring destruction and wars to the peoples of the region

The member of the Clans' Council in Qamishlo canton Saeed Abed al-Ghani asserted that all the peoples of the region do not trust the Turkish occupation which destroyed the region and displaced the citizens, the Turkish occupation history is rich in crimes, occupation, looting, and the demographic change of the areas which it occupied them."

Abed al-Ghani concluded by saying, "all the people became aware of the brutality and the danger of the Turkish occupation which practice the most inhuman crimes against the people of Afrin, the participation of the Turkish occupation in establishing the buffer zone will bring destruction and massacres to all the components of the region."      



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