​​​​​​​Clan notables- intellectuals call on CPT to hold its responsibilities

Members of the Democratic Union Party, tribal notables, and intellectuals in al-Hasakah canton called on the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to fulfill its responsibilities entrusted to it, and affirmed that they would continue the struggle until achieving the physical freedom of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

The Turkish occupation state has imposed strict isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan, since his kidnapping as a result of an international conspiracy in 1999, and has prevented him from meeting his family and lawyers, under the pretext of imposing "disciplinary penalties."

In September 2022, the Committee against Torture of the Council of Europe visited Imrali prison, without disclosing any information. On the status of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

In this context, a member of the Intellectuals Union in Jazira region, Muhammad Bashir, said, "More than 22 months have passed without any information being received about the health status of leader Abdullah Ocalan, despite the European Committee against Torture's claim that it visited Imrali prison."

Bashir criticized CPT's position as "a shameful and unprofessional position," calling on it to carry out its work without being influenced by international politics, and to reveal the status of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

For his part, Azhar Ahmed, a member of the Intellectuals Union in Jazira region, rejected isolation, calling on international organizations to be humane and not launch "mere empty slogans."

At the end of his speech, Ahmed demanded that CPT "not be captive to the agendas and policies of states or superpowers."

In the context, a member of the Democratic Union Party in al-Shadadi district in al-Hasakah canton, Fadel al-Hussein, said, "Despite the popular discontent over the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan, and in conjunction with the 24th anniversary, we have not seen that the Committee Against Torture expressed a position or moved on this matter." Practices, in this case, are considered partners in the conspiracy against the leader.

While the notable of the al-Mulhim clan in al-Shaddadi district, Mizer al-Sultan, considered that the isolation imposed on the leader is isolation on all free peoples and what the Justice and Development Government is doing; It is a crime against all humanity.

The Sultan pointed out that "the imposed isolation is isolation on the body only," and stressed, "We will not stop our struggle until our leader obtains his physical freedom."

For his part, Bassem al-Aziz, a member of the Democratic Union Party in al-Shaddadi, said: "Isolation of the person of the leader is a continuation of the international conspiracy, and comes within the framework of achieving the interests of the capitalist and colonial countries that always seek to occupy our regions."

T/ Satt.


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