Çiya Kurd: It's necessary to open border crossings for the entry of aid 

Badran Çiya Kurd stressed, during a meeting with US State Department envoy to the region, Nicholas Granger, the need to open border crossings, including the Tal Koçer crossing, to bring aid to the areas stricken by the earthquake that struck large areas of Syria and left thousands of victims.

The speech of the US envoy, Nicholas Granger, came during a meeting with the co-chair of Foreign Relations Department, Badran Çiya Kurd via Zoom, yesterday, where he expressed his condolences, solidarity, sympathy and support for the victims of the devastating earthquake in all of Syria and Turkey in general and NE Syria in particular.

He stressed that his country is in the process of sending humanitarian aid to the region.

In turn, Badran Çiya Kurd thanked the United States of America for its solidarity and sympathy with the victims of the devastating earthquake and its support, after a comprehensive briefing on the situation of the region and the extent to which it was affected by the devastating earthquake and the challenges facing the Autonomous Administration.

Badran Çiya Kurd stressed that "the region was suffering from difficult humanitarian conditions before the earthquake, and the earthquake exacerbated the situation. Therefore, after this disaster, it is necessary to move quickly to remove the obstacles and challenges facing the delivery of humanitarian aid to all Syrians without politicizing it, and it is necessary to open the border crossings for the entry of aid, including the Tal Koçer crossing."



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