​​​​​​​Civilian Protection Units carry out operation against Turkish forces in Amed

The Civilian Protection Units in Bakur (northern Kurdistan) announced that they carried out an operation against the Turkish forces in the state of Amad, which resulted in the injury of a Turkish special forces' member, and indicated that a drug trafficker in the city was killed.

The Martyr Cekdar Amed Response Teams of the Civilian Protection Units (YPS) stated that they conducted two operations in the Kurdistan state of Amad against tyranny and agents within the framework of the "revenge campaign" they launched against the Turkish occupation.

According to the statement, a "bomb attack" was carried out on September 16 at 03:00 on the Amed-Farqin road in front of the Ujul Junction against the "enemy" who had previously stationed in the area. The response teams stated that as a result of the operation, one of the special units was wounded, while no information was available about the number of dead and other wounded among the enemy.

It was also declared in the statement that on September 13, it was confirmed that the so-called (M.Y) who was previously trading in heroin was killed in Seyran Tebe neighborhood in the state of Amad, and that the narcotic substances inside his pocket were destroyed.

The end of the statement read: "In the name of the Civilian Protection Units' Response Reams, we have the power and ability to strike the enemy in Kurdistan and those involved in the filthy actions. The only way to defeat this enemy is to strike it in the language it understands. Revenge will be our oath, and victory will be our word. At any moment and anywhere, we will strike the enemy and we will become the martyrs and our people's response."


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