Civil society organizations held its first constituent meeting in al-Raqqa

On Saturday, the first founding meeting of the civil society organizations took place in al-Raqqa city, where the rules of procedure were voted on by the members of the unions and syndicates that make up the civil society organizations.

The meeting which was held at al-Raqqa Cultural Center was attended by the members of the Intellectuals and Engineers Union, the members of the Peasants and Workers Union, as well as the Chamber of Industry and Contractors, the Lawyers and Nurses Union and a number of political figures in the region.

After holding a minute of silence in tribute to the martyrs’ souls, the administrator in the civil society organizations Najah Khalif delivered a speech in which she said: "It is the first step to build a democratic and modern society based on culture and ethics and being a decentralized and pluralistic in which justice and equality are prevailed regardless of race or ethnicity."

Najah Khalif's indicated: "Society must be inseparable and linked to democracy and brotherhood of peoples, and we, as civil society organizations, must commit to spreading social justice in all institutions, unions and syndicates away from ethnicity."

Then, the member of the Presidium of the Syrian Democratic Council Hassen Mohamed Ali explained the political situation in the region from the latest developments in Idlib and Turkey's colonial policies and ambitions in the region, and then confirmed: "We are carrying out the task of establishing and building a community system that begins with the establishment of civil and autonomous institutions."

He added: "At this historic moment, some systems collapse and we start building new systems that give the opportunity for the peoples to decide their own destiny and popular solidarity to confront the external attacks launched by Turkey and its mercenaries on the region, and on the other hand, we must be wary of ISIS's terrorist cells that aim to destabilize the security and stability of the region. "

After that, the draft rules of procedure for the civil society organizations were read by the organization's administrator Jaber Hassen, and presented for voting. The rules of procedure were approved after amendments were made to some of its articles.



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