Civil Council of Raqqa holds international community responsible for Sheikh Anizan kidnapping

The Raqqa Civil Council has held the international community responsible for the arrest of Sheikh Anizan Sheikh Ahmed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and demanded the relevant international bodies to put an end to these violations and remove these occupied forces from the Syrian territories.

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, on 22, 4, 2020, arrested Sheikh Anizan Sheikh Ahmed from his home, and accordingly the Civil Council of Raqqa made a statement denouncing this criminal act.

The statement was read by the joint head of the Civil Raqqa Council, Muhammad Noor al-Deeb.

The text of the statement read:

"The invading Turkish forces occupying the Syrian territories in Tal Abyad, Ras al-Ain, Afrin, and others continue with a series of violations from which neither stone nor humans have been spared, and that fall only under inhuman, moral, aggressive and terrorist names, and without any right.

On April 22/2020, mercenary elements arrested Sheikh Anizan from his home located in a village in Tal Abyad, which is known as one of the national figures contributing to the consolidation of civil peace, consolidation of social relations, and Syrian cohesion.

We in the Civil Council of Raqqa condemn and denounce these criminal acts and hold all responsibility to international courts, human rights organizations and the United Nations regarding what is happening towards the Syrian people in northern and eastern Syria in particular and Syria in general, for how long will the series of suffering and bloodshed continue?

We call on all international bodies concerned with these files to put an end to these violations and to remove these occupied forces from the pure Syrian lands. "



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