Citizens: We have great hope to return of Afrin liberated

​​​​​​​Citizens in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo considered the international silence that accompanied the Turkish occupation of Afrin as shameful, noting that the resistance is the only way to end the occupation.

Turkey occupied Afrin on March 18, 2018 after a 58-day attack, which came after a Russian green light and American and European silence.

In this context, the citizen Ahmed Mustafa said, "The aim of the Turkish occupation of its invasion of Afrin canton amid a shameful international silence is the displacement of the indigenous population and the settlement of mercenary families in it".

He stressed that "Afrin is for its people and with the help of our heroes we will liberate it"

In his turn, Riyadh Sheikho recalled the resistance that had been made by the People and Women Protection Units YPG, YPJ and the residents in confronting Turkish occupation which lasted for 58 days.

The citizen Laman Sheikho said "The Turkish attack on Afrin canton aims to exterminate the people.

She said: Their hope for a return to liberated Afrin is still great.



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