Citizens: Rapprochement please our hearts; parties must search for common points to achieve unity

Ad-Derbasiyah district's citizens said that the Kurdish rapprochement pleases our hearts", and the political parties should agree and search for common points to achieve the unity of the Kurdish class, and they demanded self-management to enter as an auxiliary party to resolve disputes between the official authorities present in the region.

When a people is exposed to external threats from countries that occupy its lands, the political forces unite and unify their speech in order to address the threats and confront them broadly and completely, but with all parts of Kurdistan exposed to threats, occupation, and persecution, the Kurdish parties have not yet united and remained dispersed.

Politicians, intellectuals, and artists tirelessly advocate for the prospect of Kurdish unity, especially after the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, who advocates for the unity of the Kurdish class. In recent days, it witnessed direct negotiations between the parties of the Kurdish National Council and the Democratic Union Party without declaring whether the initiative was successful or no.

The Kurdish people are demanding the Kurdish National Council to leave the Syrian coalition, which was the main reason for the displacement of the Kurds and the occupation of their lands in Serêkaniyê, Afrin and other areas in Rojava, but until this time the National Council is within the coalition.

Hawar news agency ANHA held interviews with the citizens of Ad-Derbasiyah district in al-Hasakah canton, who expressed their hope for the unity of the Kurdish class.

With regard to the appeal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces for the unity of the Kurdish class," said Brewer Medi, "it was an important step, because at the present time the Kurdish people need unity in class."

The political parties must search for common points and agree

Medi pointed out to ending the state of dispersion that the people live in. "All political parties in Kurdistan must agree and search for common points to take steps towards building a Kurdish unity that fulfills the aspirations of the people who aspire to unity in order to end the state of fragmentation in which they live. The Autonomous Administration must enter as a party." An assistant for resolving disputes between political entities in their areas of administration.

The rapprochement of PYD and ENKS pleases hearts

Medi said that since days, social media has been buzzing with news that talks about a political rapprochement between PYD and ENKS mediated by America "and this news please our hearts, these steps have been welcomed by the Kurdish street which they saw hope for a near Kurdish unity."

Unity is an old dream, it is not new today

For his part, Citizen Suleiman Haj Ali said: "Achieving Kurdish unity is an old dream and it is not new today. The truth is that we all dream to see the Kurds as brothers working and investigating together for sake Kurdistan. Previously, many parties called for unity, but no actual steps were achieved in this regard, and the oppressed Abdi initiative came as a spark of hope for all Kurds. "

For his part, Citizen Hussein Barro indicated that they grew up in the hope that they would see a united Kurdistan "because the colonial countries tore Kurdistan into four parts and tore the Kurdish people into hundreds of parts."

With Kurdish unity, we will liberate our land from Turkish occupation

Barro concluded his speech by saying: “His diaspora will be gathered only by the unity of the Kurdish position in the face of Turkey’s ambitions.


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