Citizens of Sheikh Maqsoud: "Turkey threatens security, safety of our people"

Residents of Aleppo 's Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood said that the threats of the Turkish state and its argument to "protect its national security" aim at expanding its occupation in Syria, killing and displacing the people as it did in Afrin.

During a survey of the citizens of Aleppo city about the Turkish threats, Amina Alou said that the Turkish state attacked Afrin and displaced thousands of its people. "

Citizen Ali Mesto said: "The Turkish state occupies Syrian territory under the pretext of protecting Turkish national security, but the Syrian people did not fight Turkey and never threatened its security and borders, the aim is to expand its occupation in Syria. "

"We support our people and forces in northern and eastern Syria and are ready to stand against the Turkish intervention. We do not accept any Turkish intervention, and its threats will not affect our will and strength," Aref Othman said.

"We will not allow Turkey to occupy the territory of northern and eastern Syria and we will face it in all forms," ​​Zainab Hanan said.



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