Citizens in Aleppo say "Turkish buffer zone" aims to divide Syria

The notables and Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood's residents have described that Turkish efforts to establish a "buffer zone" in Syrian territories in the depth of the project dangerous and colonial, stressing that protection of the country achieves in cooperation together to thwart foreign schemes.

The people in north and east of Syria, as well as two administrations political and military refuse the establishment of a "buffer zone" under the auspices of Turkey.

The purpose of the buffer zone to divide of the Syrian territories

Ali Zaidi expressed his rejection of "the Turkish project aimed at dividing Syria."

He called on "the United Nations to protect our borders after the removal of Turkey and its mercenaries from our land."

"Our people will not accept the continuation of such colonial projects with the clear goal of striking our democratic project in Syria," Zaidi said.

"The Turkish project to establish a buffer zone is a false speech, because the Turkish-controlled areas on the ground are suffering from security chaos and the violations and risks to the lives of civilians are increasing, and the Afrin area is hard proof," said Hanif Ibrahim.

He also pointed out that Turkey's efforts to establish a "buffer zone" in Syria is "an alternative plan to work on the implementation of colonial schemes by launching hands in the area.

If the United Nations is true in its Charter, it must hold Turkey accountable

Khalil Na'san questioned the credibility of the United Nations "If the United Nations is sincere in its charter regarding the right of peoples to self-determination, they must reject Turkey's request and work to return our land in Afrin and the rest of Syria."



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