Citizens: April 4th is new birth, starting point for the people's openness to cause

The citizens of the city of Aleppo, who met with leader Abdullah Ocalan in the 1990s congratulated Ocalan on his 70th birthday. They said that this event is a new birth for the Kurdish people and a starting point for the openness of the Kurdish people and adoption of their cause.

On leader Abdullah Ocalan' birthday, which falls on April 4, Hawar news correspondent interviewed with people from Aleppo who met with leader Ocalan in the 1990s.

Fakhri Shahin met with the leader in 1996 in the city of Aleppo in a celebration of the August 15 milestone. He said of his meeting: "The leader was talking about the resistance and that the goal of Rojava's entry is to convey a message to the entire Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East."

"The leader Apo has made a radical change in the Middle East and at the level of Kurdistan and worked on the development of society, which gave an echo of the Kurdish issue and delivered it to the whole world."

Fakhri Shahin congratulated Ocalan at the conclusion of his speech and appealed to human rights organizations to work and lift the isolation on Ocalan and look at the conditions of the hunger strikers.

4th of April is new birth

Fatima Khalil, who met leader Ocalan in in 1995, describes the moment of the meeting as a moment of "strength." "The philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan liberated women in the Middle East and transformed them from oppressed women to pioneer, the achievements in Rojava and Kurdistan are the product of the leader's thought. "

Fatima noted at the end of her speech that "the Kurdish liberation movement has started from the prisons, so our confidence is great to lift the isolation."

Bakr Rashid, who met with leader Abdullah Ocalan in the 1990s in Aleppo, pointed out that what distinguished leader Abdullah Ocalan from the rest of the leaders are his free thought and dealings with the people during the meetings and loyalty to the Kurdish issue.

At the end of his speech on April 4, Bakr Rashid congratulated leader Ocalan and wished him freedom. "The birth of the leader is a new birth and a starting point for the people's openness to their cause," he said.


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