Citizen killed in Turkish jails due to severe torture in Afrin

The citizen Hussien Haydar Hamo has died under the torture in Turkish occupation prisons and its gangs after being kidnapped for year.

Al-Hamzat mercenaries belonging to Turkish occupation army kidnapped Hussein Hamo from the village of Jagli al-Wastani in Shia district of Afrin a year ago.

Hussein Haydar Hamo, 39, he is married and has three children, was suffering from kidney disease several years ago.

The citizen Hussein Haydar Hamo died on Sunday in the prisons of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries under torture by al-Hamzat gangs, which is operating according to orders of the Turkish occupation army.

The mercenaries told the deceased's family yesterday to receive their father's body.

It should be noted that hundreds of people of Afrin are still in the prisons of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, and violations continue in Afrin in all its forms amid discreetly about the fate of prisoners.



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