Circassian heritage exhibition in Manbij

The Circassian Society in Manbij organized an exhibition of ancient heritage tools, which included old tools and utensils dating to 150 years.

The Circassian Society in Manbij today opened an exhibition to introduce the Circassian heritage and culture, which included many pots and tools of ancient heritage.

This exhibition embodies the principles of the democratic nation's philosophy, which in one respect focuses on multiculturalism and intercultural coexistence.

The exhibition included a number of heritage tools such as sickle, tillage tools and grain combining, as well as hand-made textile good, old musical instruments, pottery and brass, swords and spears.

The exhibition was attended by dozens of residents of the city and its countryside.

The one-day exhibition is the first of its kind in the city of Manbij to display Circassian heritage.

The exhibition also included presentations of Circassian folk dance presented by the Circassian Society.



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