CIA denies arrival of Iranian satellite in Earth orbit

CIA denied that any satellite entered Earth's orbit, after Iran announced the launch of a satellite and successfully reached its orbit.

On Wednesday, US intelligence denied Iran's claim that it had successfully launched a satellite.

"Intelligence did not monitor the entry of any Iranian satellite into Earth's orbit," al-Hurra news agency reported, quoting a US defense official.

The source pointed to the failure of the Iranian satellite launch by saying: "Information suggests that the launch failed."

After Iran's failure to launch a scientific satellite on February 9 this year, Tehran announced on Wednesday that it had successfully launched its first military satellite.

The Revolutionary Guards website, "Sepah News" reported that the satellite "Noor 1" was successfully launched on Wednesday morning "by means of a 'Qased' missile" from the central desert of Iran, "explaining that the satellite" settled in its orbit around the Earth at an altitude of 425 km. "

State television broadcast pictures that it described as a satellite that was installed on a missile for Wednesday's launch.

The United States has accused Iran's space program, and has described in particular Tehran's missile launch, with the goal of placing a satellite into orbit in January 2019, as a "provocation" and in violation of Security Council Resolution 2,231.

The resolution calls on Iran to "refrain from any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads, including those that use ballistic missile technology."

Tehran, which denies planning to possess an atomic weapon, maintains that its ballistic and space programs are legal and do not violate the decision.



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