Chancellor to "International Criminal": IC could be established in N,E of Syria

The professor of law at the University of Paris, Dominique Anchosbeh , believes that the problem will not go long, like this, at a time when lawyer Luqman Ibrahim that Turkey's threats make it difficult to control the mercenaries detained in northeastern Syria.

Anshosbeh said that since 2014 there are steps to prepare for the trial of Daesh and said in this regard, "There is a ground for the establishment of a court here, the second step is the establishment of an international tribunal in northeastern Syria to prosecute Daesh mercenaries."

Dominique Anchosbeh has participated in the international forum on Daesh which was organized by Rojava Center for Strategic Studies on 6-8 July.

Over three days, the forum touched upon, IS' risk, security, economic and social issues with attendance about 200 personalities from about 15 counties and three continents.

There are examples of IC

Dominique Anchosbeh, who is on the list of Chancellor to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, believes that if an international tribunal is set up, it will be possible to try the main perpetrators of the crimes committed in northeastern Syria.

And added " second-class convicts could be tried in local courts," said the law professor at the University of Paris, in Germany in 1945. The second-degree convicts were tried in the Nuremberg court, and were tried in Britain, America, Spain and France.

The status of mercenaries will not last for long in this case

"In 1945, the allies formed a court in Nuremberg, and a similar court was set up in Tokyo," Dominique Anchosbeh said, adding the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria was in line with international law. The court must be established at the place where Daesh committed crimes against humanity."

If this problem is not solved, we will see Daesh under another name

a lawyer and member of the Human Rights Committee in north and east of Syria, Luqman Ibrahim" This forum was needed to discuss the mercenaries file, Daesh mercenaries committed crimes against humanity and committed genocide. These crimes create the conditions for their trial through an international tribunal, ISIS problem not only on the north-east of Syria but it is intenational case. If this problem is not solved, we will see Daesh mercenaries under another name. Action must be taken to remove Daesh mentality and the international community must work towards that.

Turkey wants to complex the operation control on IS' detainees

"The mercenaries committed crimes here and they were also arrested here, all the documents and evidence here, the damage done to this area, mercenaries must be tried on this land, and if that does not happen, states must return their citizens who are in the ranks of Daesh and prosecute them according to the laws of their countries. The People's Defense Court was formed in 2014 here by a decision of the Legislative Council. In this court many of those involved in terrorist acts were tried. Nearly 7,000 Syrians have been tried. If this court gains international recognition, then mercenaries can be tried in the People's Defense Court. "



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