Chaldeans in Derik denounce threats of Turkish occupation

The Chaldeans in the city of Derik condemned the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria during a march organized today.

Dozens of Chaldeans gathered in the Derik in the Chaldean Church, holding candles of peace, condemning the practices of the Turkish occupation and its threats to northern and eastern Syria.

The participants went to the Martyrs' Square passing through the main streets of the city, where dozens of residents joined the march, holding candles and banners reading "No to the New Ottomans."

The participants then headed towards the Chaldean Church, where they held a minute of silence, performing prayers for peace in Syria.

During the prayers and hymns, a member of the Political Bureau of the Syriac Union Party, Avram Ishaq, told ANHA, "This march was carried out by the Chaldean Church to condemn the threats of the Turkish occupation.

"We tell the world that all peoples and components are brothers in this beloved country and unite in the face of those who target the civil peace in this country," he said.



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