Celebrations prevail in N, E Syria on 15 August

Residents of a number of areas in northern and eastern Syria celebrated the 15 August leap in which the first bullet was fired against the Turkish occupation army by the struggler Agid (Masoum Qurqmaz) in 1984.

Tirbe Spiyê

In Tirbe Spiyê district of Qamishlo canton, Hizel Center for Culture and Art held a celebration in Roj Hall attended by hundreds of Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs.

Afterwards bands performed some Kurdish folkloric songs.

The ceremony concluded with Dabka on the beat of revolutionary songs.

Serê Kaniyê

Hundreds of people from Serê Kaniyê and Zarkan districts of al-Hasakah canton went out to the Turkish-Syrian border at the tents of human shields, on the occasion of the anniversary of August 15 leap.

When the people arrived at the sit-in tent, they stood a minute of silence, during the event, people danced Dabka as the revolutionary songs were played.


Hundreds of people in Kobani district celebrated the anniversary of August 15 leap, under the slogan "In the spirit of resistance of 15 August, we will increase our resolve and increase the pace of resistance", the celebration ended with dancing in rings as Dylan band played songs.


The celebration was held at the Haytham Kaju Stadium next to the industrial city of Qamishlo. Hundreds of Qamishlo residents attended the celebration.

The square was decorated with pictures of the struggler Masoum Qurqmaz, pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, the flags of Kongra Star, and Democratic Society Movement.


The people of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhoods gathered in Aleppo city in front of the center of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in the western section of Sheikh Maksoud, carrying Kurdish flags and symbols and pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Residents marched through the streets of the neighborhood towards the square of Ashrafiya, the place where the celebration was held, chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs and the resistance of the leader of the Kurdish people.

In Ashrafiya neighborhood, the celebration began with a minute of silence, and Kevana Zerin and Ciyaye Hawar bands of the Jamil Horo Center for Culture and Art performed their singing performances.

The ceremony ended with dancing Dabka in rings on the beat of the songs presented by the two groups.


The ceremony, which was attended by hundreds of residents of ad-Darbasiya district of the Hasakah canton and its villages in the garage of the district, holding images of the struggler Agid (Masoum Korkmaz) and pictures of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan and pictures of martyrs.

The celebration began with a minute of silence. The ceremony ended with Dabka.

Girkê Legê

Dozens of people from the districts of Girkê Legê, Cilaxa and members of civil society organizations participated in August 15 leap ceremony, held in front of the Aram Tikran Center for Culture and Art in Rmaylan.

The celebration began with a minute of silence, and the celebration ended with Dabka.


The celebration was held at the Martyr Bawer Youth Center in the city of Dêrik and attended by hundreds of residents.

After a minute of silence, Ava Mezin, a band of the Dijla Center for Culture and Art in Dêrik, performed a play about the resistance of the peoples and their clinging to their land in defense of their holy sites against ISIS mercenaries. The ceremony ended with songs by Judi band of Dijla Center for Culture and Art.



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