Cautious calm on the fronts as the truce takes effect

The fighting fronts between the Syrian regime forces and Turkish mercenary groups in the Idlib areas are witnessing a cautious calm as the sounds of some shells are heard.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the truce declared by Russia for a unilateral ceasefire - the Syrian regime started at 06:00 am on August 31, has been preceded by targeting Russian warplanes in several raids in the town of Urm al-Kubra and the vicinity of Kfarnaha in western Aleppo countryside. The raids caused Al-Iman Hospital to become out of serivce in the area of Urm al-Kubra in Aleppo western countryside after being targeted by several missiles.

Helicopters also dropped about 8 barrel bombs targeting al-Tah town in the southern countryside of Idlib. Regime forces also shelled dozens of shells and rockets in Kafr Nabil, Hass, al-Tahish and Hayesh in the southern countryside of Idlib, Kubanah axis, al-Khidr and Maraand area in the northern Lattakia countryside during the period from midnight until 6 am.

Meanwhile, Idlib, which is located in the fourth and last escalation area that the regime has not retrieved, is witnessing a halt to the shelling and a cautious calm on the fighting fronts with the ceasefire coming into effect at 6 am on Saturday, and warplanes have been absent from the sky since midnight yesterday.

"This cautious calm permeates several shells fired by regime forces on the villages of Maarat al-Numan countryside," the Syrian Observatory said.

Russia announced yesterday a unilateral ceasefire and today the Syrian regime announced the truce through a military source in an interview with the agency's spokesman SANA.

The Syrian regime had declared a truce on August 2, but regime forces returned and resumed military operations in the region after Turkish mercenaries broke the truce announced in conjunction with the 13th round of the Astana series of meetings. Since then, the Syrian regime retook control of some 66 villages, towns and cities it has lost since 2012, including the strategic Khan Sheikhoun and Murk, which has a Turkish observation post.

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