Catastrophic day in France, Italy ... more than 560 deaths due to Corona

The French health authorities recorded 89 new deaths due to the Corona virus on Wednesday, bringing the total number to 264, or approximately 51 percent increase which is a much larger increase than what the country has witnessed recently at the time when France entered the second day of the complete closure with the aim of containing the outbreak.

Jerome Salomon, the director of the Public Health Service said during a press conference that the number of cases increased from 7,730 on Tuesday to 9,134 on Wednesday, equivalent to an increase of 18 percent within 24 hours.

Salomon added that 931 people are in serious condition and need to stay under rations.

The numbers in France remain in the footsteps of what is happening in the neighboring Italy, where Corona has caused the death of 475 people during the last 24 hours in the worst outcome recorded in one country within a day as declared by the Civil Defense.

The number of deaths in Italy has now reached 3 thousand as a result of this epidemic as in an outcome convergent of those recorded in China (more than 3,200 deaths) where the "Covid-19" virus appeared according to Agence France-Presse.

The Source: Agencies

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