​​​​​​​Canada extends arms embargo to Turkey until further notice

​​​​​​​Canadian media said the ban on arms exports to Turkey has been extended indefinitely.

Canadian news network CBC News said that the Canadian government announced the extension of the ban on new arms exports to Turkey indefinitely.

According to the network, the deputy director of the Export Control division in global affairs, Charles Marie Matti, said in an email that "the approvals have been suspended" until further notice.

Turkey was on the Canadian government’s list of “trusted” countries, where Canadian defense contractors can do business safely and sell sophisticated weapons, but the new notice explains that some military items will be rejected for Turkey, in other words, companies that own these goods should not cost themselves The trouble of applying for permission to sell it to Turkey.

The Canadian government announced on October 16 last year that it had temporarily suspended the issuance of "new export licenses to Turkey", especially those related to military equipment, in response to the military attack on the areas of north and east Syria.

In a statement, the Canadian Foreign Ministry condemned the Turkish attacks on northern Syria by saying, "Canada strongly condemns Turkey's military incursion into Syria," adding that "this unilateral action threatens to undermine the stability of an already fragile area, exacerbates the humanitarian situation, and undermines the progress made by International Coalition against ISIS, which Includes Turkey. "

"In light of these developments, Canada has temporarily suspended the issuance of new export permits to Turkey," the statement said.

Several countries, including Canada, have announced the suspension of the sale of arms and military equipment to Turkey and the imposition of restrictions on the export of arms to them, in light of its attacks on northeastern Syria, since October 2019, (these countries are Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain).



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