Calls for unity against Turkey's plans to eliminate Kurdish achievements

Kobane people called on Kurdish parties to find a solution to their disputes and start a political dialogue, stressing the need to unite the Kurds to meet the abroad challenges.

People talk came during an interview with Hawar news agency held in Kobane to monitor the popular attitude in this city in regard to the recent events and tensions between the Kurdish forces, particularly in Zîne Wartê in Başûr of Kurdistan.

"The Kurds must strengthen political dialogue among themselves in order to solve all problems to prevent their enemies of interfering in Kurdish affairs," said Mustafa Mohammed, a citizen.

Mohammed called on Kurdish parties to unite the Kurdish ranks because it is the only solution to all problems to encounter their enemies.

Commenting on Zîne Wartê events, various groups of Kurdish society called on the Kurdish forces to take the principle of dialogue to solve all problems, and not to be drawn behind the plans of countries hostile to the Kurdish people.

"The enemies of the Kurds are trying to eliminate the entire Kurdish people; they don't want good for us and try to dismantle the Kurdish people," said Osman Ali, a Kobane resident. 

"Kurdish parties must solve all problems through political and peaceful dialogue among themselves in order not become tools in the service of the policies of foreign countries," he said.

Several parties accused the KDP of fueling the discord and tension there, many said that the party's movements enter in the service of Turkish interests and plans.

Another section argues that the Turkish plan in Zîne Wartê, is aimed at provoking Kurdish-Kurdish fighting and undermining the gains of the Kurdish people in south of Kurdistan consequntly.

Mahmoud Kamal, from Kobane, called on Kurdish parties to unite and promote political dialogue in order to solve all outstanding problems, stressing that foreign parties should not be allowed to interfere in Kurdish affairs.



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