Calling for international court formation to try Daesh mercenaries

At the time when the Autonomous Administration (AA) in North and East Syria called for the formation of an international court to try Daesh mercenaries who are held to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Trump's recognition of the Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian city, Golan, provoked Arab wrathful reactions.  

The Arab newspapers issued on Tuesday morning touched upon the demands of the AA to form an international court to try Daesh mercenaries and the American decision about Golan, the Syrian occupied city.

Al-Hayat: The Kurds demand the world countries to support the establishment of a special international tribunal to try Daesh militants

On the Syrian issue, al-Hayat newspaper touched upon the demands of the AA to forma an international tribunal to try Daesh mercenaries who are detained to the SDF, and said, "Days after the declaration of the end of Daesh organization and the liberation of its last enclave east of the Euphrates, the AA in North and East Syria urged the countries of the world to cooperate with it in order to establish a special international tribunal to try Daesh terrorists in the areas of its control estimated at one third of Syria's space. A Kurdish source expressed its hope that Russia will not oppose the establishment of this court imposed by the situations on the ground and the moral duty."

In a statement obtained by al-Hayat, "The AA of North and East Syria called for the international community to establish a special international court to try the terrorists, pledging that the trial will be conducted fairly and in accordance with international laws and the covenants and conventions of human rights." It added that it hoped that justice will be done and that these criminals will be tried for the atrocities they committed against humanity and the inhabitants of our liberated areas. The AA instigated the international community, especially the countries whose citizens belong to Daesh to cooperate and provide support for the establishment of this court that ensures cooperation and coordination in all aspects, including the legal and logistical domains."

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Trump signed the "Golan Document" under the pretext of Iran's threat

As for the occupied city of Syria, Golan, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "The American President Donald Trump defended on Monday his signature on a declaration recognizing the sovereignty of Israel on the Syrian Golan Heights, referring to the danger emanating from Iran and groups related to it. He said it is threatening to use Golan as platform for launching rockets, but the Arab diplomatic sources considered it a pretext."

Trump's signature on the declaration caused an Arab outrage as the Arab League considered it a false in the form and subject, while Damascus government considered it a "flagrant attack" on its sovereignty. Russia also warned that this move could lead to new tensions in the region.

Trump signed the Golan Document during his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on Monday. Trump told the journalists before signing the decree, "The United States recognizes Israel's right to defend itself in the face of the security challenges it faces. Today, we are taking steps to help Israel, take a historic step, and today I will sign a declaration recognizing Israel's control on Golan." He also pointed to external threats from Iran-backed Hezbollah to make Golan a platform for launching violent attacks against Israel, noting that his administration dropped the maximum sanctions towards Iran.

Al-Arab: Trump presents what he does not have to Netanyahu

Al-Arab newspaper reported that American surveillance feeds considered that the US President Donald Trump's recognition on the Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights comes outside any traditional political context of the United States and is not based on any legal norm comparable to Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in addition to transferring the American embassy to the city.

While there are numerous analyses of Trump's incentives to go to recognize the Israeli Golan Heights. Observers in Washington and Tel Aviv agree that personal and electoral considerations are behind the reasons that incite Trump to take this decision despite the international and regional opposition to any prejudice to the legal status of the Syrian territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 war."

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