​​​​​​​Cache of highly flammable materials found in al-Hol camp

​​​​​​​Security forces in north and east of Syria have found a cache of highly flammable materials in al-Hol camp, which ISIS women would have used to burn tents and target camp guard points, security officials said, and this was done amid continuing attempts by ISIS women to flee the camp.

ANHA correspondent reported from al-Hol, located 45 km east of the city of al-Hasakah in north and east Syria, since yesterday evening, al-Hol camp has witnessed extensive security movements, which included searches and investigations in the sections designated for the families of ISIS mercenaries, Iraqis and foreigners.

Our correspondent pointed out that the moves came after obtaining information by ISF, the willingness of groups of ISIS women to burn several tents in the camp, and targeting the camp's guard points with incendiary devices.

According to an official of the security forces in al-Hol camp, "he preferred not to be identified," that their forces found during the inspection quantities of flammable materials such as "gasoline, and medical alcohol" hidden under the ground in the ISIS families section, "Migrant Women."

The inspections took place after information was obtained about the existence of hideouts for Molotov cocktails in the camp, which ISIS women were preparing and storing. The process of investigating the incident is continuing.

The same source indicated to ANHA's correspondent that ISF was able to arrest a suspected group that may be responsible for collecting and storing the incendiary materials, and for the attacks that targeted their points in advance with such Molotov coktails, and that the process of investigation with the group is ongoing, and investigations are ongoing.

The security forces official in al-Hol camp, Aylol Rizgar confirmed to Hawar news agency (ANHA) earlier that the high level of crime in al-Hol predicts the danger that mercenary families will remain in the camps, without the countries concerned seriously moving to find radical solutions for them.

For its part, the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, and its representatives during their foreign visits, continues to study the file of ISIS detainees and their families, as part of efforts to establish an international court to prosecute ISIS detainees and their families in the region, or to evacuate states to their citizens, to reach radical solutions to this file.



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