By virtue of the resistance we managed to repel massacre

Martyrs' Families' Institution of Şengal said that: The Yazidis were exposed to heinous crimes in their history, with the aim of eliminating their presence, but they manage to repel the massacre by establishing Autonomous Administration in Şengal.

Martyrs' Families' Institution of Şengal issued a written statement in conjunction with the sixth anniversary of the massacre committed by ISIS mercenaries in Şengal province.

The statement initially indicated that the Yezidis have historically been subjected to numerous genocides with the aim of eliminating their existence and culture, the most recent of which was the massacre committed by ISIS mercenaries on August 3, 2014.

The statement added: "The history of the Yezidis, which is the history of the resistance in order to protect culture and defend dignity, while denying the history of the massacres, all the massacres committed against the Yazidis were aimed on the one hand to eliminate the Yazidis, and on the other hand they aimed to impose surrender and submission to this people and impose a long-term death on this society. "

The statement noted the circumstances of the massacre and the failure of some Kurdish forces to defend the Yezidis: “After the ISIS mercenary attack on Şengal in 2014, the KDP forces were then responsible for protecting the Yazidis, but they left our Yezidi community alone, and withdrew without defending our people and without launching one bullet, this betrayal left thousands of our people in the face of the ISIS attack, vulnerable to looting and extermination, where thousands were killed, women were taken as slaves and sold on the market, as thousands of Yazidis were forced to flee, thousands of Yazidis were killed and buried in mass graves. This massacre is considered the largest massacre against the Yezidis, they are seeking, through committing massacres, to force our society to abandon its beliefs, religion and culture and displace it from its land.

The statement also touched upon the resistance shown by the fighters of the Kurdish people for the liberation of Şengal: "In this massacre, and despite the fact that thousands of Yazidis were brutally murdered, the Yazidi freedom fighters and members of the community wrote heroic epics in defending their people, and defeated the enemy with confidence courage and historical resistance arose. "

In its statement, the Martyrs' Families' Institution all the fighters who sacrificed their lives in order to defend Şengal, and pledged to follow their path.



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