By uniting residents, parties; conspiracy will be failed 

Some women from the cantons of al-Shahba and Kobani indicated that the leader’s capture was the result of countries ’fear of his proposed philosophy, and they said that with the unity of the people and parties the conspiracy would fail.

Popular reactions continue to coincide with the arrival on February 15, the 22nd anniversary of the international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan, denouncing it.

In this regard, ANHA 's correspondents met with women from the Arab component in Fafin district, al-Shahba district, and women from Kobani canton, who in turn confirmed that with the unity of the people the plot would fail.


Citizen Hamida Khadro from the women of al-Shahba canton stressed the necessity of solidarity and unification of the peoples of the region in the face of the international conspiracy, and she said: “We, as women of al-Shahba, did not fully understand the idea and philosophy of leader "Abo", but after the dissemination of his idea we were linked to it.”

In her turn, Citizen Riffa al-Ahmad touched upon the principle of co-existence and said: "We used to hear about the idea of ​​the leader Abdullah Ocalan, but we did not deepen into it, and after knowing this thought, he created the essence of women in us."

She added: "The leader's revolution is the woman's revolution, and we will remain solidarity as an Arab and Kurdish people until liberating it and thwarting the conspiracy."

Another opinion, Samira Mustafa, a citizen, said: "We, as women of al-Shahba district, are aware of the leader’s idea, which aims to develop the role of women, and liberate them from male power, noting that all countries were afraid of the thought of leader Ocalan, so it conspired against him and his families."


In the same context, the women of Kobani denounced the conspiracy, as Citizen Alia Hussein said that the aim of the conspiracy is to prevent the leader’s guidance from the Kurdish people, and not to dismantle his idea and philosophy on resolving the crisis in the region and the Middle East, as they do not accept the presence of a leader who leads the Kurdish people, just as they eliminated a revolution Sheikh Saeed, the judge of Muhammad, and Syed Raza.

Alia stressed the need to unify the Kurdish parties under one roof to end the plot.

In her turn, Citizen Aida Sheikh Muhammad said: The international conspiracy is still continuing to eliminate the Kurdish people, and in an attempt to thwart the revolution and the democratic project stemming from the leader's philosophy.

For her part, Citizen Siham Osman emphasized that: “The goal of the countries in the conspiracy is to undermine the will of the Kurdish people.

Siham Osman stressed the need to unify the Kurdish forces to confront these conspiracies.



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