By photos and video... These are ethics of whoever fights for humanity

Videos and photos were depicted in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor during the evacuation of thousands of IS' families from the last pocket in al-Baguz al-Fawqani, where IS' elements are stationed there. They show the extent of morality and the human spirit of SDF's fighters, and emphasize that humanity is the victor finally, no matter how long.


The battel of defeat terrorism is still advancing in the last pocket of IS who are stationed in small area in al-Baguz village who are using the civilians and even their children and women as human shields. The Syrian Democratic Forces continue to move cautiously and work through their own forces to evacuate IS' families from that spot, reaching them to safe areas.

Over the past few days, the Special Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces have managed to liberate and evacuate thousands of civilians, including IS' families and transport them through large trucks from the last pocket to al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah canton, securing them all their needs.

What is noticeable during the liberation and evacuation operations is that SDF's Special Forces fighters put their lives in danger every day to evacuate IS' families, and some of them martyred to redeem those families. This shows the humanity of these forces as well. When civilians reach the liberated areas, we find that SDF rush to help those families, most of them women and children, some of them carry sick children, some carry heavy baggage, some help them to descend or ascend the buses, and others offer water and food to the liberated.

These scenes summarize the meaning of the victory of truth over falsehood and the triumph of good over evil. It shows the humanity of the fighters of People and Women's Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) and SDF who IS' mercenaries had killed their children and parents and published their photos beheading their comrades and carry them with their hands. While the humanitarian duty today requires those fighters to carry children who may be the children of one of those IS' mercenaries who have killed their people and comrades one day.

Here, humanity is manifested in the highest sense, and the fact that SDF have been able to fold the dark pages which have been imposed by IS on the peoples of the region for five years.



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