By lighting candles, wreaths, Qamishlo people commemorate municipality's martyrs

The people of Qamishlo city commemorated the martyrs of the attack on Qamishlo municipality on March 11, 2014 by laying wreaths on the martyrs' shrines and lighting candles in front of the municipality building.

On the 11th of March 2014, the municipality of Qamishlo was attacked with weapons and bombs by a group of mercenaries at a time when the municipality was in its inception.

That attack resulted in the martyrdom of ten members who worked to serve their city. They were Musa Musa, Amin Bilal Mohamed, Ali Sulaiman, Rawshan Sarik, Ibrahim Malak, Aladdin Abdel Ilah, Awaz Mahmoud, Jihan Farhan, Fahd Abdel Aziz, Halabja Taha, in addition to wounding the previous co-chairs of the municipality; Muaz Abdel Karim, Sama Bakdash and other members.

Six years after the targeting of the municipality building, the people of the city and the families of the martyrs visited the Martyr Dalil Serokhan Cemetery in Qamishlo city to commemorate their martyrs, and they laid wreaths of roses on the martyrs' tombs.

During the memorial ceremonies, the former co-chairs of the people's municipality in Qamishlo Muaz Abdel Karim and Sama Bakdash who were present during the targeting of the municipality delivered speeches, in which they recalled their martyrs and offered condolences to their families. They affirmed that the struggle and sacrifices of the martyrs resulted in achieving victories at all domains in north and east Syria, emphasizing the necessity to remain loyalty to those sacrifices and preserve the gains made by them.

After visiting the cemetery and at sunset, the participants in the ceremony went to the municipality building located in the center of Qamishlo city market and lit candles in front of it to commemorate the martyrs, amid holding a minute of silence in tribute to the martyrs' souls.

The ceremony concluded there by chanting the slogans that glorify the martyrs.


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