Buffer zone's purpose is to occupy more Syrian territory

The notable of al-Sharaben clan, Mohammed Aref pointed out that clans in north and east of Syria reject Turkey's decision to sponsor the buffer zone and said, "We will not accept Turkey's entry in one inch to the Syrian territory, the subject of the buffer zone is only a plan to occupy more Syrian territory."

Our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with the notable of the Arab clan of al-Sharaben, Mohammed Aref, and he said that all the Arab tribes reject any presence of the Turkish occupation in the areas of north and east of Syria, adding that Turkey is trying to restore the Ottomans era back to the Syrian territory.

He explained that the tribes know the intentions of the Turkish occupation, "We have communicated with all the tribes and clans and all the sects in Syria on the subject of the Turkish occupation of the areas in north and east of Syria and the regions of Jarablus and al-Bab, and all parties stressed their rejection of the plans of occupation and the necessity to resist the aggression of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries who caused much destruction of Syria."

And added, "Our land is our honor. We, the children of the Syrian north and all the Syrian people, will not remain idly to the intentions of the Turkish occupation. The AKP's thought is that it will remain on Syrian soil. The tribes will resist side by side with the SDF, and will provide all necessary support in all respects to expel this occupation."

As for the buffer zone that Turkey is talking about time and time again, Mohammed Aref said, "We do not accept any buffer zone under the auspices of Turkey and we will not accept Turkey's entry into Syria. The buffer zone scenario is for Turkey to occupy the northern regions of Syria after the failure of Daesh, Jabhet al-Nusra and other terrorist gangs to enter the region."



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