Buffer zone under Turkey supervision means ruin

One of the notable of al-Afadla clan, Jumah al-Owais from Seern town in north Syria, said that the Arab tribes in Syria are indispensable to some of the people who sell their consciences in Turkish hotels. He considered that the buffer zone that Turkey is talking about will turn the north of the country into ruin

Jumah al-Owais, one of the notable of al-Afadla clan which are spread in various parts of northern Syria, especially al-Raqqa province, spoke in the context of the anti-Turkish responses and threats to north and east of Syria.

Arab tribes' forum has warned on Thursday the children of Arab tribes in Turkey not to turn into Turkish fire fuel burned by Syria, in addition to accusing Turkey of destroying the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom and democracy.

During an interview held by (ANHA), al- Owais pointed out that Turkey seeks under the name of "buffer zone" to spread the devastation as is happening in the occupied areas of northwestern Syria.

He pointed out that the Turkish state caused the crisis in Syria and the displacement and massacres in the occupied territories, as well as the destruction of dozens of cities and towns and looting in the country, which supported terrorist gangs and released them to Syria to spread ruin.

Al -Owais said that the Arab tribes "needless to some of the characters that distort the name of the Syrian tribes and supports the Turkish occupation in meetings with Turkish officials there," calling on the Syrian refugees in Turkey to return to their homeland and not to yield to the "dirty" Turkish policies.

Popular reactions are increasing day by day in the north and east of Syria amid Turkish statements in preparation for a new aggression against the north and east of Syria.




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