British website: Turkey uses the coronavirus as a tool in its war against Kurds

The British left wing website Canary said that Turkey uses the coronavirus pandemic as a tool to continue its war against the Kurds in Bakur, Kurdistan, north and east Syria.

Turkey has virtually cut off water supplies to the Syrian governorate of al-Hasakah, which is led by the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA, after the bombing by Turkish-backed armed groups damaged the water pipeline.

"the cutting off water supplies during the current efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus is putting children and families at unacceptable risk, hand washing with soap is critical in combating COVID-19," said UNICEF Representative in Syria Fran François.

In Turkey, an estimated 8,500 people, including Kurdish lawmakers and journalists who have been charged by the government, are still behind bars where they are at risk of a COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a lack of hygiene in prisons and is considered a crisis to combat the pandemic, and that prison officials refused to refer people with symptoms to the medical units.

The Turkish government is preparing to grant amnesty to up to a third of the country's 300,000 prisoners in an effort to fight the pandemic, but political prisoners, including those with links to the PKK, say the government will not be among those to be released.

In this context, he did not prevent the police from attacking the funeral of musician Helen Polic, member of the left-wing group Eurom, which the government accused of links to DHKP-C.

Furat news agency reported that riot police attacked Polic's funeral with water cannons and tear gas on Friday, while several people were violently arrested.

The British left wing website Canary said that Turkey's use of the coronavirus as a weapon and a threat, although it is not surprising, calls on international organizations to raise their voices for those who have been imprisoned, repressed, killed and threatened by the Turkish state.



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