British site: Erdogan must be tamed before causing catastrophic war

A British website said that despite all the crimes of Turkey's Erdogan inside and outside Turkey, the West always been trying to create excuses for these actions, but now Erdogan must be tamed quickly in order not to lead the region into a catastrophic war.

And the British Middle East Online website published an expanded report in which it talked about Erdogan's internal and external destructive practices in the region.

"Historically, Western democracies have retained their high moral values, and have made painful and costly sacrifices to safeguard human rights and freedoms, the rule of law, and respect for international norms of behavior," the site said.

While realpolitik governs relations between independent states, and concessions are often made to achieve mutually beneficial results, but in dealing with Turkish President Erdogan, the European Union and the United States have abandoned their values by allowing Erdogan escape punishment.

According to the website, " He violates every article of human rights in its country, destabilizes other countries while exploiting their weaknesses and resources in order to enhance his national agenda."

Unfortunately, the Western powers convinced themselves that Turkey is still an "indispensable" ally, they go after the illusion that in the post-Erdogan era, Turkey will become a constructive player and a force of geo-strategic importance, which leaves them turning a blind eye to Erdogan's terrible behavior.

Erdogan's wrongdoings

Erdogan continues to commit grave human rights violations in Turkey using the failed 2016 military coup as an excuse to silence the media.

He imprisoned more than 150 journalists, nearly 80,000 suspected members of the Gülen Movement, expelled 150,000 military officers and government employees, and participated in a systematic process of ethnic cleansing against minorities in Turkey and northern Syria.

He systematically persecutes the Kurds, continues a 50-year war against the PKK, and refuses to resume negotiations with the Kurds and end the massacres.

He invaded Syria to prevent the Syrian Kurds from establishing self-rule, and to establish Turkey as a permanent foothold in the country, which would only prolong the conflict and further destabilize the region.

Turkey has purchased the Russian S-400 defense system, which, once operational, fears NATO will seriously harm NATO's intelligence participation and technology, as well as a complete incompatibility with NATO systems.

He has invested heavily in promoting his Islamist agenda by supporting extremist anti-Western groups such as the MB and even ISIS, and uses Islam as a political tool by building mosques and other Islamic religious institutions. He sends his imams to teach to spread extremism in many countries of the Middle East and Balkans.

He violated US sanctions against Iran by money-laundering up to $ 20 billion in the oil-for-gold scheme from 2012-2018, and continues to cooperate and trade with Tehran in defiance of Western interests.

He sent his forces to support the Libyan Accord Government in an attempt to create a strong foothold in the country, exploiting oil and gas and threatening the free flow of energy from the eastern Mediterranean.

He violated the United Nations arms embargo while resisting NATO peace plans in Libya, including the aggression against the French ally NATO warship imposing the embargo.

He halted the NATO defense plan for the Baltic states and Poland and scared Greece, a member state of NATO, violating the country's airspace by flying Turkish military aircraft.

He has begun drilling for gas in the territorial waters of Cyprus, and has begun plans to expand drilling off the coast of the Greek island of Crete, and is still at odds with Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel over ownership of natural resources, threatening to use force to secure his "share" that may grow and turn into violent conflict. .

Western excuses

As a result of all of the above, they should have convinced the Western powers that their warnings from time to time do not leave an impression on a tyrant who knows from previous experiences that the Western powers will not simply take major punitive measures against Turkey.

And they cite the fact that Turkey has the second largest military force in NATO, even if it uses its military forces in its foreign adventures, whether it is in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Qatar or Sudan.

They see Turkey as important to the alliance, given its strategic location between Europe and Asia, which Erdogan exploited only to his advantage.

They argue that NATO needs Turkey to its side to counter militant attacks in Europe, while in reality it is the main Islamist and many Islamist militants are associated with it.

They see Turkey's strategic eastern location as a shield against the threat of ballistic missiles from Iran to North Korea, but they ignore Erdogan's deep ties and friendship with Iran.

NATO responsibilities

Although Erdogan is assumed to be allied with the West, his independent streak and foreign projects are becoming extremely dangerous.

As a French defense ministry official said recently, "We have gone through complicated moments in the alliance, but we cannot be an ostrich, and we cannot pretend that Turkey has no problem in NATO.

We have to see this problem and say it and deal with it." Indeed, there must be limits to the concessions offered by the West, regardless of their ability, and unlike Trump, the great facilitator of Erdogan's criminal adventures, NATO members should warn Erdogan that they have exhausted their patience.

NATO member states must make it clear that he will no longer be allowed to compromise their security, undermine their strategic interests in the eastern Mediterranean and threaten allies such as Cyprus and Greece.

Moreover, they must warn him that he will suffer serious consequences if he continues to commit grave human rights violations, failure to respect the sovereignty and independence of other countries, and ignore international agreements.

Finally, it must give ethnic groups, especially the Kurds, the right to live fully and to practice their traditions and culture without fear.

It is worth noting that the NATO Charter states that "Member States are determined to protect freedom, the common heritage, and civilization of their people, based on the principles of democracy, individual freedom, and the rule of law."

Erdogan has blatantly and consistently violated the letter and spirit of the charter, and NATO should start removing Turkey from the organization by not sharing intelligence and sensitive technology and imposing selective sanctions as warning shots.

And he must be convinced that the European Union will take any necessary action to preserve its values and that the days of blackmailing it are over. Russia has little to offer to Erdogan compared to the size of what the European Union can offer.

Erdogan must be tamed, forced to adhere to the protection of human rights and democratic values and commit to a coalition, otherwise democracy will be seriously undermined, which will lead to increased instability and violence, which will quickly knock on the doors of Europe.



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