British magazine: Refugees in Turkey are most affected by Coruna outbreak

The British magazine "The Economist" said that the economic repercussions resulting from the Corona virus will affect the millions of migrants and refugees who live in Turkey, and they will be the most affected.

The International Monetary Fund expects the Turkish economy to shrink by 5% this year, and this is the second recession since many years, the exports in March decreased by 18% on an annual basis, tourism is likely to be greatly affected this summer, and the central bank has almost run out of foreign reserves after spending it to support the Turkish lira.

In the difficult economic situation of Turkey, migrants and refugees are the most vulnerable, and many have already been separated.

Many refugees and migrants work informally, leaving them ineligible for getting financial support or unemployment benefits, and this includes the vast majority of about 4 million Syrians in Turkey, about 70% of whom are poor or close to poverty.

Omer Kadkoy, the Researcher at the Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation "TEPAV" told the Economist: "They were employed because they are cheap and more working  labors."


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