British crisis meeting to discuss response against Iran

The British government on Monday held a crisis meeting to discuss options to respond to Iran's detention of a British oil tanker a few days ago.

British media reported that outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May will chair Monday, a crisis meeting on the oil tanker seized by Iran.

Theresa May, who leaves office on Wednesday, will discuss the situation with her cabinet and respond to Iran.

The meeting, attended by security ministers and other officials, will discuss how to secure shipping traffic in the world's vital oil supply strait.

It will also discuss the issue of "maintaining the safety of navigation in the Gulf," the prime minister said.

Britain is considering several options to increase pressure on Iran, but officials say the military option is not on the table at the moment.

The sources pointed out that the crisis meeting will begin at 9:30 GMT.

Iran seized the British ship, Stina Empero, flying the British flag with 23 men on Friday night.



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