​​​​​​​British center warns of Erdogan's behavior is threat to NATO

A British Defense Studies Center considered that the authoritarian behavior of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has become a threat to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and that France is very disappointed of the clash with Ankara, and it may not remain silent.

Royal United Services Institute called for not underestimating the importance of the incident that occurred between Turkish and French warships off the Libyan coast last June, as a result of the provocations of Turkish ships, and it said that it reflects the strategic division between NATO countries.

It explained that the sending of fanatic militants by Turkey, reinforces the image of Ankara, as constituting a security threat to NATO's interests, in addition to buying Russian S-400 missiles, and repeated threats to open borders for illegal rfugees to cross into Europe.

In the same context, the Institute also referred to the Turkish exploration work for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean.

The report indicated that NATO would be in danger if it continued to provide cover for Turkey's provocative actions without bearing the consequences of those actions.

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