Britain warns Iran of steps "serious"

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Iran was taking a dangerous route after being seized by a British-flagged tanker, saying Iran's moves were a clear challenge to international navigation.

The British government spokesman said in a statement that they remained deeply concerned about Iran's unacceptable moves, which are a clear challenge to international shipping, stressing that they advised British ships to stay outside the area for a temporary period.

"As I said yesterday, our response will be thoughtful but strong. We are trying to find a way to resolve the issue of the Gris I, but we will ensure the safety of our shipment," Hunt said.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced on Friday, the detention of a British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, claiming that this was due to non-follow the rules of international navigation.

Commenting on this, Hunt warned of the consequences of the terrible, if not release the tanker, and considered it unacceptable, calling for freedom of navigation in the Gulf.

Hunt said the government would hold a security meeting to discuss securing the quick release of the ship, adding that Britain's ambassador to Tehran was in contact with the Iranian Foreign Ministry to resolve the crisis and Britain was working closely with its international partners.

For his part, US President Donald Trump said that the Iranian escalation towards Britain confirms that he was right about his position on Iran, and hinted to reporters that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard may have detained more than one tanker.



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