Bread crisis in Zorava neighborhood in the capital, Damascus

The people of Zorava neighborhood in Damascus suffers from lack of bread. In spite of the curfew imposed on the city, but due to the Syrian government's ban on selling bread in Bakeries, the residents of the neighborhood are forced to go out every day and stand for hours in queues to receive the bread.

To face the threat of the spread of the Corona virus, a state of emergency was declared in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and a curfew was imposed. However, due to lack of food and bread, people are forced to stand for hours in line waiting to receive bread, which increases the risk of the spread of the Corona virus.

Almost 25,000 people live in the Zorava neighborhood, which is predominantly Kurdish. The Syrian government distributes 700 bundles of bread in the neighborhood on a daily basis, and this amount is very small compared to the number of the residents of the neighborhood.

Exploitation of the Syrian government

The Syrian government prohibited the sale of bread in the bakeries on the pretext of preventing gatherings, and the bread was distributed by special groups or the neighborhood’s Mukhtar. Those groups in charge of selling bread sold a bundle of bread to the people at a price of 100 Syrian pounds despite the fact that their base price was 50 Syrian pounds.



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