​​​​​​​Bozan: Turkish crimes  continuation of Ottoman crimes

The Deputy of co-presidency of Al-Shaddadi District Council said that the international silence towards Turkey and its mercenaries' crimes  in the occupied areas is "reprehensible."

Turkey and its mercenaries continue their crimes in the occupied areas, including killing, kidnapping, torture, rape, looting and robbery.

A few days ago, a video spread on social media platforms documenting the kidnapping and torture of mercenaries, "Al-Hamzat Division" of women, including minors from the Afrin district, amid international silence.

Deputy co-presidency of  Al-Shaddadi District Council, Muhammad Bozan, said in a statement to Hawar News Agency, “The violations and crimes against civilians in Afrin by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are gross crimes against humanity; they express barbarism and oppression in the occupation that has become apparent. "

Bozan explained that the violations in the occupied areas aims at plundering and stealing the property of the citizens and breaking the will of the people. He continued, saying: “The Turkish state’s plans are a systematic policy against women,  to forcibly displace the people from their areas in order to occupy them and seize their property without any legal legitimacy.”

The international silence on these crimes was considered "reprehensible."

"All these violations are only a complement to the crimes carried out by the Ottoman fascism against the components of the previous century, and the features of their policy became clear by pushing women in detention and committing heinous crimes against them," he stressed.

Bozan, appealed to the international community to end this "farce" and expel the Turkish occupation and mercenaries from all the lands occupied in northern and eastern Syria. "



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