Bombarded renewed on Tirbê Spiyê, SDF responded

The Turkish occupation army shelled the villages of Tel Shaeer and Derna Qalenka with a number of shells, while the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) responded to the sources of the bombardment according to the principles of the lawful defense of the lands and peoples of north and east Syria.

The villages of Tel Shaeer in the northwest of Tirbê Spiyê and Derna Qalenka in the northeast of the area were shelled by the Turkish occupation army with heavy artillery and mortars.

According to our correspondent, a number of shells landed in the center of Derna Qalenka village, and that caused financial damage only, while a number of other shells fell in the vicinity of the hill of Tel Shaeer archaeological village.

The correspondent said that the SDF, in accordance with the principles of legitimate defense of the peoples and territories of northern and eastern Syria, responded to the sources of the bombing.


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