Boiling in occupied Tel Abyad due to a lack of bread after silos' looting

The people of Girê Spi / Tel Abyad, occupied by Turkey, live in difficult conditions amid a severe shortage of bread after the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries stole the canton's silos of wheat.

Since the occupation of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation of Girê Spi district / Tel Abyad, the suffering of the people has increased day after day as a result of the practices and violations committed by the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation, such as killing, looting and assaulting the property of civilians, along with kidnapping, ransom demand and imposing taxes.
The canton is witnessing an acute shortage of bread as a result of the pillaging of grain silos and smuggling their stocks to Turkey.
According to a source from the city of Girê Spi that told our agency, the mercenaries of the so-called Jabha Sharqia have hidden part of the contents of the grain silos and monopolized it, selling it then to the merchants at high prices.
The source added that the wheat theft led to an almost complete break in the bread, which sparked discontent and resentment among the people who have gone on demonstrations in various places.
The occupied canton is also witnessing a severe shortage of food commodities, a complete blackout and a shortage of fuel.

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