blood of our children is witness to mercenaries' massacres

The people of ad-Darbasiya district in al-Hasakah canton said that the people of northern and eastern Syria have suffered from the injustice and massacres of Daesh mercenaries, who brought thousands of martyrs to defeat it, "so we are entitled to Daesh mercenary trial, and the blood of our children is witness to the massacres of mercenaries

 Daesh mercenaries having dominated on the extensive areas from Syria and Iraq, and being defeated by SDF's fighters, and thousands of Daesh elements and their families were arrested, the Autonomous Administration (AA) and all components of north and east of Syria called for the necessity to try these mercenaries in the areas of Autonomous Administration.

The French Minister of Justice Nicole Beloube said that she discussed with many European countries to establish an international tribunal in Iraq to try Daesh foreigners, and this hypothesis was raised at the European level with a number of ministers of Interior and Justice, especially in Germany, Spain and Italy. In this regard ad-Darbasiya district's people demanded to establish international court in the areas of Autonomous Administration and rejected what was declared by France.

The citizen Mashoj al Mohammed said " after defeating Daesh militarily and geographically, our forces had arrested hundreds of mercenaries who are detained now in the prisons of (AA), and court must be established to try Daesh mercenaries in north and east of Syria, because we, as components living in these areas, we exposed to the violations and massacres of these mercenaries. We have suffered from their injustice. "

The citizen Zubeer Darwish said: "We are most deserving to try Daesh mercenaries, because our military forces that defeated them, we sacrificed the blood of our children for this victory.



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