Bersoum: To resolve Syrian crisis, DAA must be involved in negotiations

"The Global Coalition must support the Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) politically to involve it in the constitutional committee to draft a new constitution that is suitable for all the people of Syria," said Senhrib Bersoum, the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party.


The victory over IS mercenaries is geographically imminent by SDF, and politicians in the region believe that this victory will be a "historic victory".

In this regard Senhrib Bersoum, the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party said,

"Our forces in all its military formations will achieve victory over mercenaries, and this victory is a historic victory against IS who terrorizes the world, and the world must appreciate these victories."

Senhrib Bersoum explained that the victories achieved by the SDF will have reflexes on the region, especially on the political side adding, "Our main and most important demand is to bring about real democratic change in Syria and agree on a political solution among all the Syrian parties."

"We believe that after defeating IS mercenaries, we will prove to the whole world that we are the owners of a real project, the project that has defeated the IS mercenaries, the project of Democratic Autonomous Administration will be a solution for all Syrian," Bersoum said.

The representatives of the peoples of North and East of Syria cannot be excluded from negotiations

Bersoum said in this regard, "the representatives of the people of North and East Syria (representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration) can no longer be absent from the negotiations. The representatives of the project, which won and wins militarily and administratively by annexing all the components of north and east Syria under its umbrella and administration of the region, to resolve the Syrian crisis, DAA must be involved in negotiations conducted through the United Nations, because it has a project of a political solution for all of Syria."

"We do not forget the role of the Global Coalition in helping our forces militarily against IS. But what we are asking it to continue this relationship and not only to support militarily, but to support politically, to consolidate democracy throughout Syria," Bersoum said.

Bersoum concluded: "excluding us out of the political process will create a real problem and a real crisis. This situation is not comfortable for us and is not comfortable for most Syrians, therefore, we ask the Global Coalition to focus on the political process through the United Nations and make efforts to involve us within the negotiations, especially in the Constitution Committee, so that we can write a constitution for us and for all Syrians."



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