Berry: Turkey seeks to make demographic change as much as possible

The Director of the Center for Borders, Kadar Berry, explained that Turkey seeks through its vision of the buffer zone to make demographic change, as happened in Afrin, and pointed out that the achievement of north and east of Syria has been implemented and that if Turkey could attack, it would have done from the beginning but looking for a deal with Washington. He stressed that if Washington allowed Ankara to attack areas of north and east of Syria will end its role in Syria

Everyone wonders about Turkey's real efforts from the "buffer zone" and the international and regional positions of the Turkish threats to launch aggression attack on north and east of Syria.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erogan again threatened an attack, as what has happened in Afrin, and to try to understand what was going on, the director of the Kurdish Center for Borders, Kadar Berry, told Hawar news agency (ANHA).

Kadar Berry said "When we talk about the buffer zone, we can say that it is as safe as it is now, but what threatens its security are the Turkish threats, so these threats threaten the buffer zone, not the other way, that Turkey threatens to be safe."

Berry believes, "Turkey wants from of establishing the buffer zone to make demographic change, as happened in Afrin, where it entered its army directly with its mercenaries from the Syrians to make demographic change and separate the Kurdish areas from each other because the Turkish regime has failed in all its policy in Syria and became the sole objective It is the elimination of the Kurds and the elimination of this newly emerging and unique democratic component in the Middle East. So dictatorships are afraid of democracy and the Turkish regime whose aim is to hit this point, and it cannot can intervene militarily only with the consent and coverage of the US and Russia.

He adds, "Maybe the Russian agrees now because it has sold a lot of his mercenaries for Russia, but there is no American approval and I think will not get them because the Turkish situation in his new alliances is what the American side is afraid of, of course the American is looking for its interests and now its interests matched those of the peoples of the region, because if the American allows the Turkish to intervene in the east of the Euphrates and Rojava, it means the end of the American role in Syria, and we all know that Syria has become a focal point of policy and international tensions, but there is a conflict of opposites in Syria, the return of the cold war that began in Syria again.

And about Turkey's plans through its alliance with Kurdish parties, Berry said that "those who claim to be Kurds can only be described as traitors, where they want to repeat what happened in Afrin, where they brought the occupier and its mercenaries who are looting and raping against the Kurds there."

The Kurdish academician extrapolates the future of the region, saying: "What will come to the region I am certain that the achievement has been established because it has become an international vision being the most appropriate for that region, this achievement may be a solution to all Syria and the problems of the Middle East."

And added "If Turkey can enter the Rojava and north and east of Syria to do it days and months if he could yesterday to do if he could today or tomorrow will do it, but all indications that the Turkish is unable to do so."



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